Following her Masters studies in ‘contemporary performance and production’ at Berklee College of Music’s Valencia campus in 2017, Jennifer’s producing career is in it’s relative infancy. Despite her short time in music production, Jennifer already adds her name to upcoming projects: third album of the PostArt Ensemble by Serbian oboist Jelena Soro, indeed Jennifer’s own debut project Part of The Whole due for release in 2018. She also provides producing advice remotely to ‘DIY’ artists and musicians.

Of her production experience with PostArt Ensemble Jennifer says:

“Myself and Jelena have very similar view points when it comes to making music, despite the fact that our styles are quite different. This mutual understanding meant that I had an instinctual concept of what Jelena needed from me in rehearsals, in the studio and beyond. The band were so in tune with each other, the sound engineer was so on point with Jelena’s vision and since he was also the mix engineer, the continuity of the album was preserved and I had very little to do regarding communicating the true essence of the album. 

I guess my main role in this project was quite organisational, communicating schedules for rehearsals and studio time with the musicians, and a little bit creative in offering some suggestions from a compositional perspective. 

As an artist myself, I understand the pressure involved in these sessions so when trying to run them yourself while also performing to the best of your ability, you can really stretch yourself quite thin. I also understand the importance of where and when to offer your opinion on the music itself. I tend only to offer, if it is needed or asked for. My job as a producer is to ensure the artists vision remains intact, the musicians are comfortable and prepared and the music sounds as good as it possibly can.”

Jelena Soro:

“I was lucky enough to get Jenny to produce my third album PostArt Ensemble-Untempered Journey. Her warm and kind approach opened up a new space for my music to grow and shine at its best. During the whole process of album making I felt safe, respected and validated which is of the ultimate importance when one sinks in the vulnerability of creation. From the organisation, absolute support of the artist to the precious music ears, Jenny will be able to bring out 110% from you, your band and your music! I can’t recommend her enough!”

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