Jennifer’s unique brand of munificent charm and humility is all too clear in her music which aims to embrace it’s listeners in musical refuge and individual uplift with rounded-out low tones, smooth jazz-sensibilities and tender lyrics, from the heart to the heart.

An Irish vocalist, composer and bandleader,  Jennifer’s music explores elements of many genres and tastes including jazz, soul and more conceptual ideas. As a contemporary artist, she continues to explore the capabilities and nuances of the voice as an instrument. A recent graduate of the Master of Contemporary Performance and Production at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain, she cites some of her influences as Gregory Porter, Melody Gardot, Jeff Buckley, and the vocal teachers she has had the pleasure of working with throughout her career.

Inspired lyrically by life experiences, compositionally by emotion and exploration and rhythmically by driving grooves and natural movement, Jennifer’s music has become a cross over of genres bringing drama through jazz, improv through soundscapes with a touch of soul for good measure. At the heart of it is the human experience: living it, witnessing it and sharing it: the light in the dark, the beauty in sadness, the turbulence in stillness.


Jennifer says her music is always evolving: seeking out new vehicles of form, style, interpretation and weaving it into the fabric of her artistry. To date Jennifer identifies as a singer, instrumentalist, performer, composer, bandleader, arranger, educator and more recently, producer.

With a voice equally as delicate as it can be powerful, Jennifer brings you on a journey, from the most vulnerable places to the most empowering. Join her…..


Jennifer’s debut album is set to be released in late Summer 2018.

Hope you like what you hear. Stay in touch!