A brief introduction…

Jennifer is a singer, musician, songwriterproducer and teacher from Dublin, Ireland. She has studied music for more than 20 years, gaining her masters from the renowned Berklee College of Music in 2017.

Jennifer’s music deals with personal themes of love, loss and belonging. Her debut album ‘Part of the Whole’ was written following the loss of her Dad, and the break-up of a long term relationship. She considers the process as part of her healing at the time. Recorded at Berklee’s AKSS Studio throughout the one year intensive program (Contemporary Performance & Production), the album has been a vehicle for expression, an invitation to share experiences in the hopes of connecting with others, in their shared humanity. This is the essence of the album which ultimately offers a glimpse of hope, an understanding that in difficult times, there is happiness to be found; the light in the dark, the beauty in sadness, the stillness in turbulence. It offers an assured message that;

“we must not wear our scars like wounds; like something fragile and sensitive. No, we must wear them like unwavering expressions of certainty, compassion and truth.”

– Jennifer

“Jennifer’s munificent charm and honesty is all too clear in her music which aims to embrace it’s listeners in musical refuge and individual uplift, with rounded-out low tones, smooth jazz-sensibilities and tender lyrics, from the heart to the heart.”