Jennifer McMahon is a singer, musician, songwriterproducer and teacher from Dublin, Ireland. She has studied music for more than 20 years, gaining her masters from the renowned Berklee College of Music in 2017 preceded by her BA Honours in Jazz Performance from Newpark Music Centre, Dublin in 2016.

Jennifer’s music deals with personal and collective themes of love, loss, belonging, sexuality and sensuality, compassion, and broadly embodies a search for understanding and allowance in ourselves and others; human behaviour and experience is at the heart of her work and indeed her life.

Her debut album ‘Part of the Whole’ was written following the loss of her Dad, and the breakdown of a long term relationship. She considers the process as part of her healing at the time. Recorded at Berklee’s AKSS Studio throughout the one year intensive masters program (in Contemporary Performance & Production, CPPD), the album has been a vehicle for expression, an invitation to share experiences in the hopes of connecting with others in our shared humanity. This is the essence of the album which ultimately offers a glimpse of hope, an understanding that in difficult times, there is happiness to be found; the light in the dark, the beauty in sadness, the stillness in turbulence. It offers an assured message that;

“we must not wear our scars like wounds; like something fragile and sensitive. No, we must wear them like unwavering expressions of certainty, compassion and truth.”

– Jennifer

As an artist, Jennifer’s interests are wide and varied. Although music took her heart from the tender age of 7, Jennifer actively pursues other creative avenues too. A resident at The Back Loft at La Cathedral Studios in Dublin, Jennifer uses this space to design jewellery and clothing. She uses it as a space to rest and explore, to write. The studio is filled with all manner of materials from wool to coloured sand, paints to beads and she is equally happy focusing on tiny projects, such as a pair of earrings, as she is in creating events with various parts interlocking and interdependent. The space that is held in the creative process is her element.

This may be what makes her a respected up-and-coming producer; having the ability to hone in on the details while simultaneously upholding the larger picture, with a tasteful ear and an empathetic manner.

‘Love Making’ released in January 2021, is the first completely self- produced track by Jennifer who wrote, recorded and mixed the song. It has received radio play on the likes of Sean Brophy’s Jazzmine on Dublin CityFM and John Barker’s Totally Irish on 98fm. A song about following our intuition over societal ‘should’s and should nots’, Love Making is a reflection on the layers of thoughts and expectations placed on us by society over the ability to follow our own heart and gut; a process we have come too far away from as a society.

Consistently unravelling layers and seeking out the truest version of self, of life, is Jennifer’s artistic pursuit.

“Jennifer’s munificent charm and honesty is all too clear in her music which aims to embrace it’s listeners in musical refuge and individual uplift, with rounded-out low tones, smooth jazz-sensibilities and tender lyrics, from the heart to the heart.”