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Lyrics Smile, I watched your smile From the corner of my eye By the end of the night Somehow you’re by my side I could lie and say that I didn’t notice the way you looked at me But, why Or that I didn’t feel our bodies sink closer that night It’s a feeling I […]

Album Cover for Part Of The Whole

Just Incase No One Ever Told You

Just incase no one ever told you You are important You are significant More than that; you are essential Your piece in this grand puzzle fits so perfectly with the rest that Without you, the entire image is unrecognizable. And even though you may not yet know where your piece fits in, Just showing up […]

Rainy days


Out and down along the shore
I took a walk just to explore
There's no one out there anymore

Autumn looms but just in mind
Springing forth into a time
When all of this is safe behind

We're dancing through
A rainy day, a rainy day

Lonely tears on naked cheeks
Fallen words we dare not speak
Yet love surrounds us like the sea

All that matters now is hope
We've everything we need to cope
We hold, we share and we let go

Well dance right through
The rainy day, all rainy days, the only way...

This track was produced and recorded during 2020’s lockdown due to Covid-19 around the world. Musicians and photographer collaborated from Spain, Ireland, Germany, Brazil, Iceland and Hong Kong.
All the net revenue from this track’s sales will be equally shared between the artists involved, in order to help them to move on during the quarantine time and its economic consequences.

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Released July 10, 2020
Music by Mauricio Ribeiro
Lyrics by Jennifer McMahon

Jennifer McMahon, vocal
Mauricio Ribeiro, electric guitar and keyboards
Joyce Cheung, piano
Pedro “Trigo” Santana, acoustic bass
Léo Dias, drums
Ricardo Laf, photography

Produced and mixed by Mauricio Ribeiro.