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Lyrics Smile, I watched your smile From the corner of my eye By the end of the night Somehow you’re by my side I could lie and say that I didn’t notice the way you looked at me But, why Or that I didn’t feel our bodies sink closer that night It’s a feeling I […]

Artist in Residence at JSKD, Ljubljana

January – February 2023, in collaboration with Jelena Soro

Witches, Bitches & Goddesses

As part of artist residency at JSKD, Ljubljana, January 14th- February 14th 2023

On January 14th, Jennifer travels to Ljubljana to work with long time collaborator and fellow Berklee Valencia alumni, Jelena Soro. The pair met while studying on the Master of Music (Contemporary Performance, Production Concentration) in Valencia, Spain. Collaborating as producer (Jennifer) and artist (Jelena’s PostArt Ensemble), the two built a strong connection in their shared experiences and interests while simultaneously learning from each other’s vastly different backgrounds.

Early 2022 brought about the opportunity to pitch a project which would bring Jennifer to Ljubljana to work with Jelena for an entire month. The project that would be accepted, by JSKD (Public fund for Cultural Activities, Slovenia), entitled ‘Witches, Bitches and Goddesses’, explores the narratives around women and creativity through the lenses of both Celtic and Slavic mythology.

The objective is to remove some of the layers we hide ourselves in as women, as creators, to find or create a new archetype that represents the modern creative feminine and to produce a musical performance to share with a live audience.

Follow the project in motion this January and February on Instagram and Facebook.

The premier performance of Witches, Bitches and Goddesses will be at Mestni Muzej Ljubljana the City Muesum of Ljubljana on February 10th. With thanks to JSKD and Hupa Brajdic for thei support and to Harat’s Pub for their sponsorship.

Image 1: Eriu by Celtic artist Jim Fitzpatrick. Image 2 by Ivana Rezek

Just Incase No One Ever Told You

Just incase no one ever told you You are important You are significant More than that; you are essential Your piece in this grand puzzle fits so perfectly with the rest that Without you, the entire image is unrecognizable. And even though you may not yet know where your piece fits in, Just showing up […]


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