Part Of The Whole

These days, artists are told they need to decide on their image, what genre they fit into, who they should ‘target’ as an audience and who they should try to imitate- or even worse, it’s decided for them. What’s lost is the understanding that artists go through many stages of learning, development, life experience, outlook and indeed self- reflection. And this, should never look the same. What should be reflected is the moment, that snap shot of a song, an album, a month, a year, so the listener and artist experience the moment together. And although the listeners perspective may be different, the hope is always that they will relate to the music on a deep level, that they can use it as a vehicle for healing, for love, for drive, to dance, for whatever they need in that moment.

Hence, ‘Part Of the Whole’ is entitled so as a reflection of the moment in time that the album was conceived. A moment of love, loss, sadness, reflection and ultimately empowerment. This is Jennifer’s snap shot. Her first album. Part of the Whole refers to the fact that this album can’t show an entire image of the artist, it doesn’t conform to any one genre, it ‘targets’ anyone who likes to listen to music, who’s been effected by loss, by love, by sadness and who ultimately needs to move forward….sounds like us all I think. Not an imitation of but influenced by the likes of Gregory Porter, Etta James, Esperanza Spalding, Melody Gardot, Bill Withers, Jeff Buckley and a whole life-time more.

Part Of the Whole also refers to us, people: a daughter, a sister, a brother, aunt, cousin, parent, grandparent. Each of these words only exist in the context that we are all part of a bigger construct. Loss does not exist without first experiencing togetherness, sadness does not exist without happiness. Light, without darkness. It is all Part Of The Whole.  And though it may appear to first be one thing, in time we see it is merely a fraction of what we originally thought.

Written about the love of a father, the loss of a partner, a friend coming to terms with an emotional past, the innocence of a child in a world torn by grief, a desire to seek out the light in the dark, the hope of moving forward, the freedom of letting go.

Currently in post-production. Keep an eye here or on the usual social media platforms for updates. If you would like to help bring this album into the world, pre-order it now to help support the next stages of production and receive your copy straight to your door or inbox on the day of release. Check out the album teaser playlist here.