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Part Of The Whole Postcard



In today’s world we are led to believe that we alone a not ‘enough’. We are told to consume, consume, consume! This will make us happy. A bigger car, a bigger house, not because we need it but because it’s ‘better’ than our neighbours or we ‘deserve’ it. We’re taught to favour fame over honest success, beauty over brains. Somewhere along the line, we stopped asking ourselves what makes us truly happy. We developed the illusion that we live in comparison to those around us instead of living our own paths, in community. We stopped listening to our intuition- maybe we never started to listen in the first place. Fear would have us believe that each person is in it for themselves, that we cannot reach out to others and truly connect when in fact that is what we are all in search of. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, honest and open, there is one simple truth we’re all in this together. 

We all have our roles to play. Jennifer’s role is to create life through art in the hopes that it will serve others, as it has served her. The role of this project is connection.



‘Part Of The Whole’ is the debut project by Jennifer McMahon. Born out of loss and grief, the album was written as a form of therapy in a troubled time. The songs deal with the loss of a father, the breakdown of a relationship but ultimately, it offers a positive message about moving forward and finding one’s true north. This is a snap shot in the life of an artist who consistently seeks out new territories in life and music, who travels to boundaries within, in an attempt to understand the world outside. Part Of The Whole is vulnerable, inquisitive and it’s creation is reflective of the light we experience in the darkest times. Each song represents a memory now: the love of a father, the loss of a partner, a friend coming to terms with an emotional past, the innocence of a child in a world torn by grief, the hope of moving forward, the freedom of letting go.

The songs on Part of The Whole are efforts to reach out. They’re words I couldn’t say to the people I wrote about, my father, an ex-partner. It’s the offer of understanding to a friend, when I couldn’t find the words without a melody. Words are so important to me, and not being able to say my piece has been one of the hardest things to deal with. Hence, this project. An invitation to swallow our pride, to reach out, to be vulnerable, to let go and say something… to a lover, a parent, and old friend, even to ourselves.                                                                                                                                          – Jennifer

Part Of the Whole refers to us, people: a daughter, a sister, a brother, aunt, cousin, parent, grandparent. Each only exist in the context of each other and as part of a bigger construct. Loss does not exist without first experiencing togetherness, sadness does not exist without happiness. Light, without darkness. From these experiences, new perspectives, new visions are born. And in time, we may see our old perspective is merely a fraction of what we now know.

This project not only aims to find the ears for it’s music to touch but also, to create a community. It aims to reach out and connect. It asks you to represent who you are. It’s about connection and each accepting our part in the whole, whatever that may be.

The album alone features 20+ musicians from places as far apart as Ireland, South Africa, USA, Brazil, Lebanon, Serbia, England and Hong Kong, to name a few. Infused with elements of soul, contemporary jazz, free improvisation, odd metre samba and more, have a listen to the album teaser playlist here.  If you like what you hear, please sign up to the mailing list for more info on the release.

The videos to come are a document of this effort to reach out. The first ‘For When I’m Gone’ is in it’s primary stage and will be released, ahead of the album, this Summer. It  includes 25 participants from England, Romania, USA, Germany, Ireland, South Africa and beyond. Read more about each piece by selecting an image below as they are published. Would you like to join the movement? E-mail for more information.

And if you receive a postcard, please spread your word throughout the world!

Thank you.

How did you get here? Let’s connect in the comments…


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