It’s A Fine Line; reaching out during the Covid-19 pandemic

Hi friends,I hope this post finds you well. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I feel sorry about that because I really hope that all of you are well and staying safe. On the other hand, I figure that no-one has ‘missed’ my post as there are so much more important things going on [...]

Moving Forward

Hey folks! A brief post about moving forward. At this time of year I get itchy feet. I want to move; on and out. I want to travel, create and meet new people. Actually that's what I always want. But this Summer I'm preparing to do something I never quite got the hang of.... letting [...]

Coming up in 2018

"The Universal Love Movement (ULM) is a message to the world that we will chose to love because it is the most powerful tool to solve our world’s problems. " I'm so excited to announce the premier performance of 'Voices Of Love' at the Palau De La Música, Valencia, Spain on February 1st. It has always been [...]

#1 Rekindle

And suddenly I look in the mirror and see your face again I've missed you Time and experience have changed some details but those eyes are the same. I see you I'm old enough to be your mother now I'm sorry we lost touch But I'm grateful to see you again We have work do [...]

New Beginnings

I've always felt that September is a good time to embark on something new, not in January when your head is paralysed by the cold, pockets empty from conforming to the Christmas consumer expectations, body heavy from over consumption of food and drinks. No, for me, September is the best time. It coincides with the new [...]