Remote Recording

Do you need vocals added to your project? Are you a producer needing vocals for your demos? Maybe you need some backing vocals on a particular tune or a narrative for your creative project.

In the past year Jennifer has featured on tracks from a dozen or so artists around the world. Most of her collaborations began on the Berklee Valencia campus, a community that can still work together despite being spread across the globe. It has allowed Jennifer to provide backing vocals for tracks produced in the USA for an artist in South Africa. And she continues to build her community at home in Dublin and beyond too, teaming up with ‘local’ musicians and keeping the process simple and efficient.

Recording remotely is a convenient and cost effective way for artists, producers and engineers to work together avoiding hours of travel and hundreds of €s, leaving them with more freedom and time to focus on multiple projects and create a more balanced lifestyle than the former recording musician might have experienced.

Keep an eye on Facebook to hear about Jennifer’s projects and collaborations as they are released. Get in touch if you would like to hire Jennifer for some remote recording.


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