A poem about love

Our love has no colour, nor is it black and white. If it did, it would be all of the primary colours. So that we may create all shades of every tone within us.

Our love has no religion or creed. If it did, it would be one of universality. For no person, creature or being holds more importance or stature to the next. When it comes to our love.

Our love is not shaped by a svelte waistline or hourglass curves. Nor does it feel the need to conform to standards so high it must cut itself to achieve.

It is, instead, shaped by the standards we instil in our own selves: standards for self-love, acceptance, empathy and trust.

It is shaped by the amount of times we have held each other in ecstasy, in tears and in celebration.

Our love has no boundaries in time or space. For we feel our love across oceans and dimensions we have yet to comprehend but know, intuitively.

And only for you are you and I am me, our love would have no gender For although we bathe in each others bodies, we know that our mind, and soul too, are touched firstly, by the heart of another.

Our love comes quick and fast, sometimes it comes too soon. Our love waits patiently with an open ear, heart, mind and takes no prisoners.

Our love lives nowhere but in us and therefore is everywhere and in everyone.

Our love.

Our love is truth, honour and passion personified.

Our love.

Marvel at what we’ve made with our love.

A poem by Jennifer McMahon