Letter to Little Me

Letter to Little Me

If I can give you any advice for the future it would be

To be the truest version of yourself.

Be you. But be you 120%.

You will fall in love and have your heart broken

You will travel, fall in love with travel, fall out of love with home

Just to be reunited at the most significant of moments.

You will learn for yourself that variety is the spice of life

It’s OK to drop out of one dance class.

You are an adventurer, you seek change and growth and it will find you.

You’ll learn many dances

It will give you the priceless gift of perspective and empathy

And you will realise that you have the ability to do anything your heart desires.

And you will develop your own dance

Dance it with pride, for creation will be one of your life’s biggest loves and lessons.

You will love to sing, only to go and do it at some amazing venues,

In small rooms with amazing people,

In your bedroom with important stories

In your dreams with those you admire.

And you will prove it to yourself that dreams can come true

And the value of hard work.

You will experience things with great emotion:

Lows will be quite low but highs will be other worldly.

You’ll experience the feeling of rejection, of loss, of longing and helplessness.

But from it you will learn some magnificent lessons

And develop your own understandings. This is priceless.

And be comforted knowing that you will learn love

You will love with all of your heart. The best way to love.

You will learn community and togetherness

And though that may take a while, it will come.

Luckily, you are also good company to yourself.

You will be strong, empathetic, caring, sharing, kind.

You will create music about your ups and downs

And all of the times and emotions that stir the most in you.

This will be your therapy.

You have the power to heal yourself, to learn about yourself.

You will be afraid of your blinding light sometimes,

But one day you will trust yourself enough to share it

And it will burn forever bright.

Have faith. Be curious. Self- love is so important,

You will learn that eventually.

Love. Laugh. Travel. Dance. Sing. Write. Dream. Create.