Just Incase No One Ever Told You

Just incase no one ever told you

You are important

You are significant

More than that; you are essential

Your piece in this grand puzzle fits so perfectly with the rest that

Without you, the entire image is unrecognizable.

And even though you may not yet know where your piece fits in,

Just showing up in all of your uniqueness

Is pure perfection

Just incase no one ever told you

You are immense

You are the beautiful mix of all those who have gone before you

And who will come after you

More than that;

In you, you hold the entire universe; vast and infinite

Light and dark, vulnerable and powerful

And in you is all the love of each of us, connected;

Past, present, future; infinite

Just incase no one ever told you

You soul is a beautiful river, rapidly flowing,

Ever-growing, breathing life into barren landscapes,

Nourishing the roots of that which we have forgotten we planted

Your beauty, though you may have been told different,

Is beyond the surface of your physical body

Your beauty is in the smile you have for a stranger.

It is in the warmth you feel for a lover

It is in the thoughts you possess

As a wondrous part of our whole

Your voice is the word someone has been longing to hear

And rests lovingly in their hearts forever

It is the song you sing to take away the pain of the past

As it floats melodically from your heart to the outer spheres of the universe

Where it rings on forever as a beautiful melody

Just incase no-one ever told you

It’s all going to be OK

You are loved

For within you

Is all the love of the whole world

And you only have to believe it is so

You are immense, vast, all-powerful, essential

With you in the world, I am complete

We are whole

Right now, we are perfect

Just incase no one ever told you