Ukulele Resources

Here are some links to get you started; Ukulele Licence (by Rockjam), The Lockdown Ukulele Rockdown and …me! Click the images for links.

Ukulele Licence

Plenty of resources and access to experienced teachers with Ukulele Licence from Rockjam. They also have a great YouTube channel with easy to follow videos! Have fun 🙂

The Lockdown Ukulele Rockdown

You might remember this great initiative set up by Bressie (The Blizzars) during the first Covid-19 Lockdown in Ireland… what a legend! Click the image to follow the YouTube video series by Justin Ryan, Bressie’s bandmate.

Back in the red days…

Let’s Jam

For a more personal approach, contact me for private lessons; one to one/ groups/ workshops.