Cre8.Recre8 is a project for designing and making accessories, wearables and possibly more in the future.

I grew up in a household where my Mum made out furnishings around the home and often whipped up a little dress or outfit for me from fabrics she had accrued. I guess it was natural for me then to begin to make my own things; often clothes, in my teens and twenties and often from something I already had. Though trips to fabric shops and craft supply shops were always creative fuel for me and I often spent most of my earnings on fabrics and fixings if not music and music classes.

And so, this project has really been a life-long pursuit. It’s a hobby. But it’s also a deep love and necessity to create something new. Never before has it been so obvious though, that we can not continue to consume at the same rate as we have been. We can not so carelessly bring new things into the world without an understanding of it’s potential impact on the world around us.

This is why everything is hand-made, sometimes up-cycled from pre-loved pieces, often with a nod to sustainability or long-life usage. I try to source as natural as possible, or take into consideration the source of the materials. And I try to let you know where every part of the piece comes from, because in knowledge we have the power to improve and move things forward in a better, more informed way.

What I do source new are the fixings, for earrings, for example. The parts that would be unhygienic to reuse or what basically just doesn’t feel ethical to me. At the end of the day, I want to put this creative energy into something beautiful for you to wear whilst giving it life in a sustainable way and/ or with a view for it’s longevity.

Hence, the Ouroboros symbol is the face of Cre8.Recre8; the mythological snake-like creature that eats it’s own tail.

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