Calendar of Songwriting Prompts

Back when I was studying for my masters at Berklee, I took a lyric writing class with Neil Diercks.

Much of the aim was to get creative with writing, consider the senses and try to create layers within the lyrics to create an authentic story.

One of the main take-aways I got from that class was songwriting prompts. Having a list of words to spark interest on a daily basis meant you always has something to write about without the pressure of writing something amazing. The only objective is to write. Give yourself a set amount of time (10 minutes for example) and write on that word. The discipline alone will have you writing more often, thinking more creatively in your lyrics and getting into the zone quicker.

So, I created this calendar of words as a free tool to get you started! Every day is a prompt. Write for your set amount of time and only that. Show up again tomorrow. And HAVE FUN!

Happy writing…