Getting into serious hygge-mode. Autumn is my season!


Hello folks!

How are you doing out there in your world? It’s been a while since reaching out here. That tends to be my default- something crazy happens, allow me to curl up into a ball for a little bit. But now things, as strange as they are, somehow seem to be settling. I mean… there are still no gigs, no chances to travel and I haven’t seen some of my dearest friends in months but you know… settled?! Ok, so it’s weird. But we gotta ride this thing out and stay positive.

My good news is that I’m finally releasing some new music. I’ve been working on multiple projects at home and trying to decide what to share with you first. I’m excited to say that there’s some music coming in November! Sign up the my mailing list to be the first to hear it!

I’ll try to be here more often too. I hope you’re keeping well, staying safe and full of health. I’m missing those chances to be in a room with you, making air vibrate, but we will be there again someday.

Sending love from chilly Dublin.

Happy Autumn!

Jennifer x

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