It’s A Fine Line; reaching out during the Covid-19 pandemic

Hi friends,
I hope this post finds you well. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I feel sorry about that because I really hope that all of you are well and staying safe. On the other hand, I figure that no-one has ‘missed’ my post as there are so much more important things going on in the world right now. (it’s a fine line!)

It’s a fine line… the feeling of responsibility to reach out and the idea that no-one really cares whether I do or not

It’s a fine line… the feeling that I see the devastation in the world and the desire to just fill it with music and art and things of beauty and things that entertain, for that is what is keeping us going right now, it seems

It’s a fine line… The feeling of complete helplessness and uncertainty and the absolute knowledge that everything is going to be OK

It’s a fine line… the idea of locking yourself inside, isolation- and spending time getting to know who you are, who you have become since the last time you took the time to check-in

It’s a fine line… the idea that you can not leave your home and finding a world of beauty to feast upon in your very own back-garden

It’s a fine line… feeling so cut off and lost, from everyone, and the knowledge that everything you could possibly need is already yours

It’s a fine line… the ability to see the world with a heavy heart leading the way, and seeing the world with hope, imagination and creativity

Trust me, I know that it is a fine line… I have walked it like a tight-rope walker many times and the view often gives no perspective until you are safe on the other side. And from that, I know, that this message won’t reach everyone. It won’t hold any silver lining to those who wait for the storm to pass

But this I know, my friends, that one storm passes and another readies itself for it’s reign

And I know that it is a fine line… the difference between worrying about the next storm that passes and the surrender to all storms

And I know which one I rather

Today, it’s a fine line between hanging out with your friends and sharing more than you’d ever hoped,

It’s a fine line between going to work on the front line and falling ill for weeks – if you’re lucky

It’s a fine line between visiting your folks to celebrate and an intimate gathering to give a more urgent goodbye than deserved

It is truly a fine line between waking up with a Spring in your step and a song in your heart than to wake up in pain and unending sorrow

It is a fine line between being the strongest person anyone knows and not knowing how to tell someone that you need help

It is a fine line, my friends, between today and tomorrow

A fine line between what we wish ‘was’ and what in fact ‘is’

A fine line between ‘doing’ and ‘being’

Let me tell you, we typically stand on either side of these lines, sometimes for months or years, sometimes whole lifetimes

But, and I credit my tight-rope walking days for the perspective; we can choose to tread either side of that line.

To wake up tomorrow is the most fundamental gift we could be given

To wake up with a smile…. now, that truly is an honour.

To wake up and sit next to our kin, or our lover, or our children or indeed, our very own soul, is the purest joy we could know

To be able to open a window and let the sun in and let the rains come and let the dark clouds hold our view for a few moments, is gratitude for this life

To be able to take a walk, a solitary walk, is an invitation to listen to ones heart

And I know, it is a fine line… between an enforced, lonely walk and an entrance to the window of our soul

It truly is a fine line.

And we can choose to walk on either side.

The line between our liberty and freedom seems fine right now but I promise you; it all belongs to you.

It is a fine line between telling ourselves that we are being repressed, and saving a life

It is a fine line between you being an ‘average Joe’ and a damn HERO, I swear

It is a fine line, my friends, the lack of utility of the frivolities of the mind and complete and utter freedom of imagination

And it is yours…try it!

We are not isolated. No, we are free! Free to choose where our energies are focused

We are not quarantined- how can we be, when a whole universe of matter exists in our very own back garden- in our very own kitchen cupboard- in our very own mind?

Is it a fine line, my friends, between 1 glass of wine and 3!

By now, you probably believe me

It is a fine line between peak performance and shutdown- and that is OK

It is a fine line between ‘I am strong, I can take this’ and ‘this is just too much to handle’ – a really, seriously fine line

But you are not alone

And that line is ready to be crossed when you are ready to see where to cross it

It is a fine line between a positive, colourful view and a negative, dark view but you can scale your neighbours wall anytime- because… well, it’s a fine line…

It’s a fine line between feeling happy and content, and fearing for the future- that’s OK.

Friends, in this time of physical distancing, please look after your mind. Look after your body. Look after your soul. Look after your nearest and dearest, your vulnerable neighbour. This might just be the perfect opportunity to check in with yourself and see how you’re doing. If you’re having a hard time, reach out. Actually, even if you’re having a great time, reach out! Because we all need each other. We are all connected. We are all in this together. I ponder the thought recently; that there is no ‘my sadness’, there is just ‘the sadness’ and if that’s true, I tell you, we’re all feeling it. But surely, somewhere, there is ‘the gratitude’, ‘the happiness’, ‘the joy’ and if that’s true… I kinda wanna be part of that gang!

Everything is perspective. Everything. And it is all a seriously fine line. But, know that you can cross it anytime!

I’m here for you all. And I am here for me. This is uncharted territory. Now, I haven’t been HERE before but I’ve certainly been in uncharted territory… you possibly have been too. So, let’s use what we know. Let’s stay at home. Let’s stay in touch and let’s get through this. Because, if you’ve been part of this community for a while you’ll know that a wise man once told me ‘We’re all in this together’.

Wishing you all solidarity, safety, imagination, patience and, of course, health in the face this current life experience.

Much love and light, always,
Jennifer x

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