Moving Forward

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I’m so happy to finally release the first piece from my debut recording project ‘Part of The Whole’. I began writing for this project, though I didn’t know it at the time, 4 years ago. I was living in a tiny apartment with my partner after a year long distance, we had both just lost a parent, I was about to enter my final year of undergraduate. It was all a lot to process…. I’m still processing it. After graduating, I took a year out and decided to write, create, heal.

I wrote ‘Moving Forward’ as a reminder to hold on to hope, the truths in life when your world seems turned upside-down momentarily. My Dad has just passed away and my perspective of life changed. I wondered what was really important in life, I thought about the things we give our time to and the words we tell ourselves. Ultimately, the song is a mantra to move forward, with trust.

A year later, the relationship dissolved. It was a tough time and somehow it seemed the song I’d written a year earlier, was the voice telling me it was OK to move forward.

It was February 2016, and I decided to apply for the master’s program in Contemporary Performance at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain. (I had applied the year before but it wasn’t my time!) I doubted if I would get in. But when it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. I’ll always remember sitting at the kitchen table in my Mum’s house, with my porridge, opening the email that offered me a place. I didn’t know how I would make it work; the fees were nothing I could ever imagine raising. I worked two jobs that Summer and thankfully some people believed in me and in the music. I will be forever grateful for that. I swore I would go and record these songs, share them and let them go; a snapshot of a period in life where I sought out the light in the darkness. I leaped into music and it embraced me, taught me, as it always has.

The following year would change my life unimaginably. A lot has happened, I’m processing all of that too… one thing at a time!


Moving Forward

Keep hold of hope
Do want you want
Then, someday all you paid will show
Don’t let go
Deep in a thought
No matter what
Soon they will draw the way to yours
Time has shown
Listen to the Robyn’s morning call
Sings her songs without a care at all
Feel only awe
For now it’s raw
But as all in life it grows
You’re not alone
Only when a feather’s flying high is it that we can see the sun
Even then, we’re searching for the answers to all this but knowing there is none.
Only when a feather’s flying high is it that we can see the sun
Even then, we’re searching for the answers to all this but knowing there is none.
Look ahead, it’s always when you don’t see the sun although it’s blinding.
You’re on the path of seeing what you believe is the result of all this.
You can’t let go, time has shown, not alone, how you’ve grown.
You can see through the sky
The way to find
That old place you used to hide
Years ago.
Free from the hold
Of what you thought
And how you ought to see the world,
Now you know.
Listen to the Robyn’s morning…
Listen to the Robyn’s morning call
Sings her songs without a care at all.


Very special thanks to the musicians and professionals involved in bringing my music to life: Scott Peters, Cliff Bond, Ricardo Osorno, Mauricio Ribeiro, Devin Malloy, Gilbert Mansour. I adore you all and will be forever grateful for the time we were given together. I know there will be more!

Yulu, thank you for believing in me, for giving me your energy when you had so little left. I am forever grateful for your friendship.

To little Robyn, the girl who inspired some of the lyrics by being a fighter from the beginning. Thank you for being a ray of light.

Thank you to my family and friends, to Brian, to Mario, my Mum and Dad. Without you the dream would still be a dream. I am forever grateful.

To you, the reader, the listener, the follower: thank you for taking the time from your busy life to share the music with me. I hope that it brings you something too; laughter, fun, understanding, peace, anything. Because if it moves you at all, my work is done.

And finally, to the music! For being my constant, for saving my life (I kid you not!), for being a listener, a vehicle and a mirror to show me what I care about. Thank you.

‘Moving Forward’ is available from 18. 10. 2018. Listen below.


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