Moving Forward

Hey folks!

A brief post about moving forward. At this time of year I get itchy feet. I want to move; on and out. I want to travel, create and meet new people. Actually that’s what I always want. But this Summer I’m preparing to do something I never quite got the hang of…. letting go!  It’s well and good moving forward but if you can’t let go, the trip can become quite a hassle.

The past year, for me, has been a real life lesson in acceptance and moving forward. I saw the dark side of the moon, as the Floyd say, but thankfully I’ve managed to come through other side. What I realised is that, for the longest time, I’ve been carrying a lot… physically and mentally and NOW I’m learning to let go of what doesn’t serve me. Let me tell you, it feels pretty good!

My album came to a halt while I dealt with some life-stuff but I’m back at it and getting ready to share it soon. I’ve started writing for the next one too! Nothing like being faced with your own fears to get the creative juices flowing. In times like these I notice a funny thing happening, like when I was in a really tough place, and my demo for ‘You Are Free’ came on the laptop; I realised that at the point of writing it, I was able to assimilate the words to express how I would eventually feel and simultaneously offer myself a hand out of the dark. That song was written for someone else, yet, I got so much comfort from it myself. So today, I’d like to share some lyrics for this current period of excitement to move forward, with intention.

…and my itchy feet are taking me, this Summer, to Umbria, Italy for some workshops and a festival, to Mallorca, Spain for family time, to Zurich, Switzerland for a new adventure,  back home to Dublin, Ireland to welcome a brand new person into the world and of course to Valencia, Spain where I’m eternally grateful to currently live. Letting go of some stuff, releasing some music soon and getting ready to move forward.

I hope to see you somewhere along the way! Thanks for being here 🙂

Moving Forward

Keep hold of hope
Do want you want 
Then someday all you paid will show
Don’t let go
Deep in a thought
No matter what 
Soon they will draw the way to yours
Time has shown 
Listen to the Robyn’s morning call
Sings her songs without a care at all
Feel only awe
For now it’s raw
But as all in life, it grows
You’re not alone
Only when a feather’s flying high is it that we can see the sun
Even then, we’re searching for the answers to all this but knowing there is none. 
Look ahead, it’s always when you don’t see the sun although it’s blinding
You’re on the path of seeing what you believe is the result of all this
You can’t let go, time has shown, not alone, how you’ve grown.
You can see, through the sky 
The way to find 
That old place you used to hide 
Years ago.
Free from the hold
Of what you thought
And how you ought to see the world
Now you know.
Listen to the Robyn’s morning call
Sings her songs without a care at all.