New Beginnings

I’ve always felt that September is a good time to embark on something new, not in January when your head is paralysed by the cold, pockets empty from conforming to the Christmas consumer expectations, body heavy from over consumption of food and drinks. No, for me, September is the best time. It coincides with the new academic year, I get childishly exited about buying stationary and creativity and innovation are swirling high in the air just waiting for people to look up from their screens. Autumn is coming and the leaves are changing colour, preparing for their inevitable regrowth.

Last month would have been the release of my debut album. It didn’t happen. That story is long and packed with reasons why it just wasn’t the right time. I was sad. I’m still a bit sad. But, everything has it’s moment and that was just not the right one! Instead, I have decided to spend a little more time on the album, pour in the love that it might have lacked if it had been released prematurely.

Instead, this September (not unlike the last) I will be embarking on a new journey. As ever, a journey of learning, hard work, new experiences, filled with music and new opportunities. I’m excited to continue working on the album until it’s just right to share with the world. Plans are now for a release toward the end of the year with some pretty special events coming up in the new year. You can pre-order the album if you wish and sign up to my newsletter to get updates on the whole process. I’ll also be sharing a little here and on social media from time to time.

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